Men’s News Daily

September 2nd, 2009 by Pelle Billing

I’ve started writing for Men’s News Daily. At the moment there’s an article by me on the front page.


8 Responses to “Men’s News Daily”

  1. Paul Elam Says:

    Let me say I am most pleased to have you and your fine work on Men’s News Daily. Yours is a strong and convincing voice on behalf of men and on behalf of justice.

    Welcome, and thank you for all your fine work.

    Paul Elam

  2. Pelle Billing Says:

    Thank you Paul. It’s an honor to contribute to the emerging vision of MND.

  3. Jim Says:


    Factory at linked to one of your posts on your blog, the Letter to Men. I thought you nailed it. One thing though; I couldn’t figure out how to get to Comments to read them.

  4. Pelle Billing Says:

    Yeah, that was a kickass rant. Very much needed. Men around the world need to wake up.

    Jim, I think you need to register to comment.

  5. Paul Elam Says:

    That is it. Please do register and post your comments. The comments section is new and I appreciate the help getting it fired up.

    And thanks to you both for your kind words on the piece.

  6. Jim Says:

    ” that was a kickass rant”

    Pelle, you just amaze me with your English.

    I couldn’t even figure out how to comment. i’m such a technofumble.

  7. allen tucker Says:

    Is there a general ideas/ rant place, for posting non-relivent to the current issues and articals ? A place where one could go in order to drop some ideas about getting our movement rolling with more ease and public reconnition. There’s many times when I awake with notions worthy of sharing but lack the known venue for sharing. Perhaps such a haven exist already, but is unknown by me presently.

  8. Pelle Billing Says:

    Hi Allen,

    You could start your own blog, or you could start posting on

    You could also check out a couple of recent articles on MND by me and Angry Harry, where we talk about the absence of men’s organizations. Ideas can be posted in the comments section.