November 23rd, 2009 by Pelle Billing

Updates have been sparse here lately, but there is a good reason for that. I’m spending more and more time working on gender issues  in Sweden, meaning that I have less time to update my international blog.

Last week I held a seminar for social workers in a town here in southern Sweden. My best guess is that this was the first time ever in Sweden that a non-feminist was officially invited to teach in such a setting. It all went very well, and I was impressed by their ability to absorb new information and challenge the way they currently work. Many men in Sweden feel discriminated against in custody battles and other social issues, so new thinking is definitely needed for social workers (here in Sweden social workers prepare custody cases for family court).

I’ve also been invited to The Danish National Board of Health to present my work on gender issues, with a focus on domestic violence.

All in all things are moving in the right direction, and I see more and more signs that the feminist hegemony is starting to crumble. It will be a slow process initially, but at some point feminism will face the same destiny as the Berlin Wall.

9 Responses to “Update”

  1. Chris Marshall Says:

    I wonder if the saying,”It’s always darkest right before the dawn” applies to men’s issues and feminism’s curious role in denying their existence.

  2. Lavazza Says:

    Great! Keep up the good work!

  3. Danny Says:

    Great! Just make sure to drop the occasional line to let us what good work you’re doing over there.

  4. duncan Says:

    Great work Pelle!
    i am writing a paper on the feminization of the education system and the effects it has upon our society. I realise as males we have a long battle ahead of us, Feminists become more and more extreme everyday, The only way we can succeed is to demonstrate the need for a gender-unspecific front. This is the only way forward because stubborn feminists will not bend untill they gain their will or we demonstrate that by improving little boys rights we are actually improving little girls rights too. We have a long fight ahead of us, but im sure we can make a difference and thats all that matters.

  5. Eivind Says:

    I’m proud to consider myself your friend, my man. You are doing incredible work and I’m happy that you’re out there.

    Will be good to meet up again in February.

    More and more, I feel inspired to start looking more at the kind of work you are doing as well. To expand my work on the inner dimensions out to embrace also the exterior dimensions that you are doing such good work on. We must present a full spectrum front here. This is something we must talk more about.

    Okay, that’s it for now, buddy.


  6. Pelle Billing Says:

    I’d love to have a copy of that paper when you’re done!

    Thanks buddy. Your own body of work is developing month by month and your last essay is really impressive.


  7. Jane McGillivray Says:

    What do you think of stories like this one: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009-11/26/content_12539909.htm ? How would you like to revise it with a non-gender bias?

  8. Pelle Billing Says:


    In addition to how women are exposed to violence, I would add the men’s side of the equation:

    - Men are also the victims of domestic violence.
    - Men are the ones who have to fight in wars.
    - Even boys and adolescent men are forced into wars.
    - All the dangerous jobs are performed by men.

    So what we need is the full spectrum of gender issues, whether the topic is violence or something else. We also need articles and reports that aren’t biased. The UN is extremely biased these days; feminism has definitely made a huge impact on international politics.

  9. Jane McGillivray Says:

    I am just finishing reading a non-fiction book called What Strength Remains by Tracy Kidder….. about the genocides in Rwanda and Burundi….. it brings me back firmly to the integral view, and the requirement to see things from a larger perspective……
    ALL the dangerous jobs are not by (only) men, but the other ways, I agree with you.