Ball Tapping

December 9th, 2009 by Pelle Billing

It seems that parts of the US are having problems with “ball tapping”:

“Ball tapping” is the act of intentionally hitting or kicking a male in the genitals.

And it seems that both sexes are the perpetrators:

We have issues with both boys “tapping” other boys, and girls “tapping” boys because it gives an immediate reaction.

I see this as yet another sign of the perceived disposability of the male body. We get upset when boys harass girls sexually, but ball tapping can actually damage boys’ sexual organs for life. Where’s the outrage?

The comments to the article are interesting:

How strange, when I was in school (not ‘that’ long back) it was primarily girls doing this to boys. I recall one time being stood in a queue at the boys changing rooms, waiting for our tutor to arrive. About 3 girls flew down the line hitting nearly every boy. Yet this article claims only boys do this to other boys – yet, when I was in school, it was only the nastiest of nasty boys that would do that.

“Ball Tapping” is not a “game”! It is a sexual assault and it’s bullying. But because only boys can be targeted for this type of assault, officials fail to take it seriously. [....]

13 Responses to “Ball Tapping”

  1. Balder Says:

    Hi, Pelle, I was surprised by this study, since “ball tapping” has become a problem in my son’s school. He was coming home with red, swollen genitals, having been hit and kneed there so much during the day. He wasn’t being “bullied”; this was something kids were trading off doing to each other, to be “funny.” I gave him a serious talking to about the dangers of this game and we also just spoke with his teacher. She says she’s been surprised by the sudden rise in this behavior. This is in California, not Indiana. I wonder if there’s something in the media inspiring this sudden spike in behavior.

  2. Pelle Billing Says:

    Wow, that is horrific to hear. Kids need to be informed about the long term damage that can occur.

    I cannot help but feel though that this is related to male disposability, and to the pro-feminist climate we live in. If this kind of trend had happened to girls, for example punching their breast to get a reaction, then the media outrage would be of a whole other dimension.

    Somehow there’s a connection to male circumcision, and how we feel that it’s ok to use a scalpel on baby boys genitals for no good reason.

  3. Jay R Says:

    Well, since male sexuality has been virtually criminalized under feminism’s perverse reign of terror, it is not surprising that the sources of that sexuality can be attacked with impunity — and considered funny. Just look at the number of commercials, shows and movies that mine laughter from the sexual injury and humiliation of men.

    That this disgusting attitude is now exhibited by children should be enough to give us pause, don’t you think?

    We heard all about “kick a Ginger day” from the MSM. Funny how no mention of this new phenomenon has been made … .

  4. “Kronoberg upphandlar omskärelser av småpojkar” Says:

    [...] Läs även om det amerikanska fenomenet “ball tapping” som jag skrivit om på min engelska blogg. I kommentarerna ser man t o m att det finns en pappa [...]

  5. Mushroom Says:

    I’ve read about a girl who kicked a boy between the legs, in school.
    He lost the ability to get children because of her. Then she said it was an “accident”, and everyone felt sorry for HER and consoled her.

  6. Pelle Billing Says:

    Look at these picture in a major Swedish newspaper, they show how ball tapping is part of one of the dance routines in this week’s Swedish edition of Dancing With the Stars:

  7. Ronda Says:

    I know all to well about ball tapping. Are family has been thur this and emergency surgery was done along with three nights stay in the hospital. It is not just happening in schools. The schools should be doing something about this. But on my end of it is grown men doing this to each other yet along being done in fire companys and medically trained people with in the fire companys. This is very upseting to me was to stop but to many grown men think it is ok to do. How do we get this to stop. Before someone else gets hurt again. Can anyone help me out.

  8. Pelle Billing Says:


    It saddens me to hear that you’ve had experience of this destructive phenomenon. I don’t have a short term solution, but in my opinion the long term solution is to teach boys about respecting their own bodily autonomy. As long as we are circumcising you boys this will be hard to do…

    We also need to teach boys and girls that sexual harassment goes both ways, and it is just as bad to harass a boy as a girl.

  9. Memphis Steve Says:

    You want to know what to do about this? Call your state senators, your representatives and your Governor and demand that your state’s laws defining sexual assault be modified to include violent attacks such as these in which the genitals are assaulted for the purpose of humiliating, degrading, controlling or simply for the sadistic pleasure and not out of fear-for-life self-defense. Before we can get any meaningful changes in the attitudes of our entire society, individual states are going to have to begin acknowledging this type of violence as sexaul violence in The Law. Everyone on some level already knows this is sexual assault, but the law has never been modified to acknowledge it. Most people view The Law as a reflection of right and wrong. If The Law says something is wrong, then it is. Currently The Law says and does absolutely nothing about sexual violence targeting males.

    Once people start going to jail for this, along with being labeled sex offenders, it will greatly reduce the number of incidents. Because as it stands today, no one is being punished for this crime at all. None of the students in Indiana have been arrested or charged with anything. The teachers ignored it.

    Lorena Bobbit should have been charged as a sex offender and forced to register as such for the rest of her life, but her crime was never properly identified as sexual assault. It was instead minimized and politicized, resulting in her victorious acquittal. And that resulted in over 100 female immitators of her specific crime who similarly were not charged with their true offense, with none receiving a sentence in excess of 11 months until years of male sexual mutilations has occurred. Even then, the first woman to receive a sentence greater than 11 months only received 3 years. The Press all but ignored all of this, something they never do with other sex crimes. Today, thanks to Lorena Bobbit, women who kill their husbands or boyfriends are almost always acquitted and declared to be heroic fighters, “the real victim”, rather than being held accountable and punished like the criminals they are.

    By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, this attitude that misandric sexual violence is inconsequential or even funny has now led us to a whole new horror – police are shooting men in the testicles with Tasers, literally burning men’s balls with 50,000 volts of pure sexual torture, for the most minor of excuses. If kicking a man in the balls isn’t sexual assault, and cutting off a man’s penis isn’t even a crime at all, then clearly the act of spearing a man’s testicles with a barbed hook attached by wire to a police officer who then may either fry the genitals with high voltage or simply yank on the wire attached to the testicles, or both, causing unbearable agony and humiliation for the male victim, is also of no concern to The Law and is entirely legal. So what if it’s pure torture? So what if we have laws prohibiting torture? So what if the Bill of Rights prohibits Cruel and Unusual punishment? So what if it spreads terror among the male population the way the Romans’ use of castration and crucifixion did 2000 years ago? Actually, terrorizing the male population is the whole point.

  10. Jeff Says:

    I as a male entered this world loving females. I treated them better than my male counterparts, enjoyed their company, had more females has friends etc.

    Then a few things happened.

    I was introduced to feminism, marriage, false abuse allegations, VAWA, child support, and the anti male “family” court system. I’ve discovered the true nature of women and how many have a hatred of men.

    Men today are implicated in the social crime of the oppression of women which never truly existed as we’ve been lead to believe.

    When did men earn the right to vote? The common man earned the right to vote just a few years / decades before women. In England 10 to be exact.

    During the 1840′s acts were passed into law protecting women from long hours at work. No such protection granted to men.

    Whose rights were considered first? This is 120 years before feminism.

    Men fought wars. Women did not. Men were given harsher sentences for committing the same crimes. Where in hell is the oppression?

    I admit there may be a few things women pre 1900 could gripe about, however men had their equal share of hardships.

    Women have claimed they make less money than men. If that were true, why not hire an all female staff and maximize profit! That never happened with any business because the gender gap is and has been a lie.

    Today – We are told “women have long suffered under the oppression of men”

    Thanks to VAWA and other issues men are defenseless. Men are routinely jailed without due process, we are stripped from our children, denied jobs created for women, denied education programs just for women, denied social assistance created just for women – ex: abuse shelters.

    Men are victims of domestic violence 40% of the time, men are portrayed as idiots on TV and violence against men is considered comedy especially when the aggressor is female.

    I’m through with women. I will never date an American woman again. I left the USA and have gone to a “male friendly” nation and found myself a “good woman” who I treat respectfully because that is how she treats me.

    Western Women want equality – they’ve got it. Chivalry is dead here and I have zero respect for them today. This is the result of feminism. A new generation of pissed of men.

    All volcanoes erupt eventually.

    My advice to all men in North America is to go abroad or stay single.

    The next time a woman needs a white knight, she’ll have to call someone else.

    It’d be funny to see one of these boys in the videos do the same thing back to the girl.

  11. June Morrison Says:

    The balls are there for hitting.

  12. Pelle Billing Says:

    Troll much in your spare time?

  13. T. Rose Says:

    I think part of the reason people do this so much,why it’s so celebrated is because it’s so apparent in the media.

    Name a fight,any fight in an action movie where one minion does not get kicked in the balls? What’s more it’s usually the macho minion.
    Even kid-friendly movies with no sex or blood have someone get kicked there.

    I’m all for the bad guys getting what’s coming,but bad women minions never get breast punched.That’s jarring.

    Something is seriously wrong with society when we make movies with men kissing R rated,yet allow PG movies to allow people getting kicked in the balls

    -T. Rose,formerly known as Axehead92