More Misandry

February 15th, 2010 by Pelle Billing

Apparently it is perfectly OK to speak of “dimwitted males” in a headline.

Would it be OK to write “dimwitted females”? Or would that be oppressive and patriarchal?


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  1. hopeless_case Says:

    I often try to point things like this out to the women around me, and I rarely get them to admit the significance of any of it.

  2. Pelle Billing Says:

    They are blind to their privileges.

  3. tired Says:

    Where I am from the papers like to write about beating on men, read below.

    He’s wearing a T-shirt and those trendy new jeans with the carefully placed streaks and the expertly done threadbare patches. She’s wearing a long black coat and a niqab complete with a veil. Only her eyes and her hands are visible.

    As the two of them walk towards me on the busy street, I resist the impulse to smack the husband. And it occurs to me that this spectacle has little if anything to do with religion and a whole lot to do with “I’m a man and I can do what I please, with maybe a side order of do as I say and not what I do.”

    And while I’m at it, I’d also like to knock a modicum of sense into our male politicians who are so eager to join forces with this woman’s husband.

    First, there’s Quebec Premier Jean Charest with his nifty new law that will withhold government services including health care from any woman who covers her face. Then there’s Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and our PM, Stephen Harper, both of whom have expressed their agreement with this “sensible” and “reasonable” and “balanced” law.

    Bill 94 was drafted in large part in answer to the incident with the woman known as Naema, a recent immigrant from Egypt, who got kicked out of two different French classes in Montreal because she refused to remove her face covering.

    Jean, Mike and Steve all seem to believe that if they order women not to wear the niqab then the problem is solved. This bit of stupidity ignores the fact that some Muslim men will immediately forbid their wives and daughters to leave the house without the niqab.

    In other words, it is often men who tell Muslim women to wear the full niqab and it is men who order them not to.

    And let’s distinguish here between the hijab or headscarf and the full niqab with the veil that covers all but the eyes. I could care less if a woman wears a headscarf and at least three of the employees at my local Wal-Mart do so without raising an eyebrow. I do care when I see Muslim women with their faces veiled as though they had something to be ashamed of — especially when their men are totally westernized, not a beard in sight. (Note that some Islamic scholars insist that devout men ought to wear a beard while others propose that when living in western society, men can forego the beard. Lovely irony.)

    But telling such women to “take it off” misses the point entirely. It is instead the men, the husbands wearing the trendy jeans, who need to be educated.

    If Canadians want all immigrants to integrate and to recognize the equality of women, then we’d best start explaining to the men how to behave. We’d best stop issuing orders to the women.

    As for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s new edition of the Canadian citizenship guide, maybe there ought to be a sentence or two directed at the kind of Muslim man who intends to keep his wife in cloistered garb. Maybe it could read: “If you want your wife to cover her face in public, you gotta grow a beard 3 feet (91.44 cm) long and you can’t wear trendy jeans.”
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    Great example of misandry here and how it has become so acceptable in our society. I would like to remind the author that gender is a prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights act. Advocating violence against a prohibited group has crossed the line of acceptability. I looked through other articles and misandy seems to be a common theme for this newspaper. This is very surprising as I am guessing at least half their customers are male. I think if the author is often getting the impulse to smack somebody she should seek anger management counseling. Heart-felt sympathy for the men in her life.