The Elevated Mortality of Men

April 2nd, 2010 by Pelle Billing

We all know that men live shorter lives than women, but we don’t really know why, since there’s no definitive research available that explains the shorter lifespan of men. However, there are lots of pertinent facts available that go a long way towards explaining the gender gap in life expectancy:

  • Men are usually the primary providers for the family, and the burden of providing can easily become a form of chronic stress.
  • Dangerous jobs are performed by men, and as a result, a number of men die each year.
  • Suicides are far more common among men than among women.
  • Men make up the bulk of the homeless, and this kind of lifestyle often leads to a premature death.
  • It’s more common for men to be socially isolated and not have a single close friend, which can have a negative effect on your health.
  • Men aren’t taught to seek help for psychological and psychiatric issues, which leads to increased levels of alcoholism and premature deaths.
  • Men are violently killed more often than women.
  • It’s not unusual for men to be removed from their children as well as lose touch with friends of the family after a divorce, which can lead to isolation, alcoholism, etc.
  • Due to historical factors men are only valued for their performance, which again can lead to chronic stress.

In addition to these social, phychological and structural explanations, there may of course be biological factors that explain why men have shorter life spans. However, there is emerging evidence that innate biological factors are not the main culprit here.

Hopefully, the new subject Male Studies can help shed more light on this topic in the future. Make sure you sign up for the April 7 webcast, where this new academic discipline will start to take shape.


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  2. Roger Says:

    Very excited by the male studies thing. Super important if they can get that ball moving.