A Young Woman on Feminism

June 26th, 2010 by Pelle Billing

I love this video. She tells it like it is, even though it means letting go of the artificial privileges of feminism. On the other hand she reclaims her own power by dealing with what’s real.

She’s not completely informed about the research on intimate partner violence, but that’s completely forgivable in view of how well informed she is on all the other topics.

5 Responses to “A Young Woman on Feminism”

  1. Mark Davenport Says:

    Wow!! What a machine gun delivery she gives. Any non-native speaker who can follow her gets my kudos. Not new info to many of us but a refreshing new source. Careful, Republicans could co-opt her message by misconstruing her criticisms of feminism with their more primitive view.

  2. hopeless_case Says:

    It seems obvious that she spoke her piece into the camera, then cut out all the pauses and clumsy deliveries, leaving a series of short segments where she goes from one concise statement to the next.

    What a powerful way to deliver an argument.

    I’ll have to checkout her other videos.

  3. Jay R Says:

    Hope springs eternal that women may finally reject feminism en masse — before it is too late to avert mass suffering by everyone.

  4. Danny Says:

    Hell I don’t think feminism needs to rejected. But I do think it needs to corrected. It has good points and has done good things but the mainstream idea of feminism has been poisoned. And no the poison didn’t all come from anti-feminists either. The feminists the complain about how they are unfairly stigmatized need to spend a little time thinking about the mean spirited people who spread their hatred and demands for special treatment for women under the banner of feminism as well.

  5. menareangrynow Says:

    I love ZOMGitsCriss! She does great videos on lots of topics. You should check out some of her other stuff as well.