Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2010 by Pelle Billing

I know I don’t update this blog nearly as much as I used to, but there’s actually a very good reason for that. As you may or may not know I live in Sweden, and as the Assange case may have showed you, we have some work to do on men’s rights and true gender equality. These days I focus most of my time on my Swedish blog, as well as giving some lectures and writing a book (in Swedish) on men’s issues and gender issues.

The work I’m doing is gaining more and more traction all the time, and on December 21st I was invited to primetime national television to talk about rape, sexual boundaries and the Assange case. I discussed how men are considered guilty and treated as guilty from a rape accusation alone (or an accusation of domstic violence). I also talked about how every discussion about gender issues takes place within a feminist framework, and naming that elephant in the room wasn’t popular but someone has to do it.

Here’s a picture of my television appearance:


I’d like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year! And please know that I’ll keep this blog running, albeit at a lower intensity than before.

13 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Amfortas Says:

    By the Lord Harry, what a handsome fellow. And so young to be so wise.

    I had imagined you to be far older.

    Happy New Year Pelle and more power to your message.

  2. Pelle Billing Says:

    Happy New Year, Amfortas!

    I’m not quite as young as I look ;)

  3. Nacho Says:

    Waiting for your book!!!! Hope someone translate into spanish too

  4. Eivind F S Says:

    You did well, Pelle!

    It was strange to see my Brother on TV like that, and I liked it. I hope to see it much more in 2011.

    We’re making a difference here. :-)


  5. Roland3337 Says:

    Any chance of this video coming out online (with subtitles)?

    I deal with this kind of content whenever the opportunity presents itself in my classes, and it would make for very interesting use in that regard.

  6. Paul Elam Says:

    We are all proud of you, Pelle. Keep up the fantastic work.

  7. Alexander Roslin Says:

    A little bit late, but not too late: A Happy New Year for you, Mr. Billing.

    You do a really good job!

    Greetings from Germany, suffering from the same sort of feminism, who devastates the whole Western world.

    Alexander Roslin

  8. David Says:

    Pelle, congratulations on the television show. That’s terrific.

    What troubles you about the Assange case? I have followed the case generally, but not closely in terms of Swedish law.

  9. Pelle Billing Says:

    Thank you!

    Welcome to the blog!

    The main issue is not really the Assange case, but everything it tells us about how the Swedish legal system is influence by feminism, and how the whole gender debate is dominated by feminism.

  10. Pelle Billing Says:

    You should be able to watch the clip here:
    It won’t be online forever so grab the clip and save it to your harddrive if you are interested in using it.

    I appear the first time at around 11 minutes, and all in all I talk five times. There are no subtitles, and I don’t think there will be any, unless someone volunteers to create them.

  11. Patrick Grady Says:

    Many of these topics are universal. I know the same issues exist here in the US (and Canada) and clear thinking men must continue to speak out.

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