Naomi Wolf Laughs at Sweden

December 10th, 2010 by Pelle Billing

As you are probably well aware of, Julian Assange is being accused of rape and sexual molestation by two Swedish women, after having had consensual sex with them. Sound weird? I thought so. To understand this scenario better, or at the very least to get a good laugh, read what Naomi Wolf (herself a pretty hardcore feminist) has to say about it.

Here’s a pertinent quote:

(Of course, as a feminist, I am also pleased that the alleged victims are using feminist-inspired rhetoric and law to assuage what appears to be personal injured feelings. That’s what our brave suffragette foremothers intended!).


The thing is, while Sweden is bad, many other Western countries are suffering from the legal sliding slope that is feminism. The Assange case needs to become a wakeup call for the world to develop an immune system against excessive feminism.

2 Responses to “Naomi Wolf Laughs at Sweden”

  1. Mark Davenport Says:

    “the dating police” – hilarious!
    Welcome, Naomi, you unlikely ally!

  2. witman Says:

    I don’t think Naomi was ever against men; she wanted rights for women. She is one of the best allies we could ever have.