Money, chivalry and prostitution

March 30th, 2011 by Pelle Billing

The comic strip says it all:


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  1. Betsy Says:

    It is so very interesting how an economic model that uses labor to calculate wage, whatever the currency, could ignore a women’s labor as mother. Industrial growth coupled with debt/currency allowed men and women to be able to create great wealth, not from actual physical labor, but from money games and by using the labor of others…it is an unnatural monopoly.

    The mother’s labor is work that does not have rewards in a paid wage. Gradually women/mothers needed a wage because of competitive growth…and this led to a mother’s true labor, not only childbirth…also childcare, being negated. Cleverly acting as if mothers were liberated from labor and risk by medically blocking the pain of childbirth. Fathers lost the pride of providing for their families through honest labor. Now the children need to go to daycare so mom can work too. Both parents are frustrated by flatterers telling them their child’s needs are being taken care of. Would a lioness leave her cubs with a penguin for the day? Individuals are very differnent from each other….in fact, humans differ more than animals differ…but we are often fooled because we can flatter each other with words and promises, no matter the truth.

    Real physical labor creates health and sustainability(true wealth). A currency or model that pays non-labor jobs, like bankers, more than a laborious job like a janitor…will make humanity act as a virus. Expectation rules outcome.

    The janitor is bearing real risk to life…while the banker is sitting back making money, able to access resources, with no physical toil or risk to life. The banker not only earns more money for less labor, but also gets the office toilet cleaned by the janitor!

    Each individual has a relationship with the land and resources. Individuals who seek to avoid physical labor in exchange for a wage create an unnatural ability for other men and women to deny the value of labor for survival. Any currency that rewards delusional labor will arrive at the same wealth gap and dependency.

    Labor represents birth/creation/life…work is love made visible. The love-work a mother provides for her child should not need to be outsourced for survival of the child…that is truly absurd…and makes it possible for all humanity to be reduced to a tool for delusional profit.

  2. Mark Davenport Says:

    A popular comedian who ‘poses’ as a right-wing news commentator defends a equal rights fighter:—roy-den-hollander?xrs=synd_facebook

  3. Pelle Billing Says:

    Very interesting, Mark. Somehow something is entering the public’s consciousness.

  4. Betsy Says:


    The comment(from the clip) about giving the women 51% of the worst of society…ha ha

    The worst of society is when people have nothing left to lose…they lose it. Sadly, it is all about to break loose…Most of what we think is real, has all been a bread and circus show:

    A Global Tsunami, Courtesy of the Fed
    Monday, April 4, 2011, 10:04 am, by cmartenson

    What would we do without money? How might that change everyone’s agenda? How would you define your rights? In today’s world, we are recognizing our world economy provides our work/labor and justice/rights…and those depend on land/resource/relationships…for survival. This is a titanic situation with lifeboat ethics situations everywhere.

    Indigenous tribes knew how to survive without selling their soul and nature for the body, and comforts of the body. Russell Means has a talk series on Matriarchy. Matriarchy arose from observing Universal Law.

    I highly recommend you listen to an Elder who has lived Matriarchy and Patriachy FULLY and offers practical wisdom. …search Russell Means Matriarchy
    Matriarchy IS Universal Law. All human life is Sacred.

    Sadly, this is not the exception:
    Former Judge Is on Trial in ‘Cash for Kids’ Scheme
    Published: February 8, 2011

    This is my last post here.