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Swedish Mother Tells a Frightening Tale

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Over at my Swedish blog, one of my blog readers retold some pretty disturbing experiences she’s had as the mother of two. I decided to summarize her story for my English speaking readers (after blog reader Jim came all the way to my Swedish blog and asked for a translation!):

A blog reader (Ella) is the mother of a son and a daughter. The children are roughly in junior high/high school.

Sometimes the children have a special day in school to learn about gender equality. During those days the girls learn self-defense, and the boys have to attend groups where they “identify problems with the male gender role”.

When Ella’s son comes home after a day of gender equality, he and his friends look and feel pretty defeated. They’ve had to learn about the bad things men do to women, and what men did to women in the past.

Sometimes gender equality is the topic of regular classes too. In one such class they discussed prostitution, and Ella’s son came home and said that it’s really quite terrible that all these women are forced to Sweden to become prostitutes.

Ella replied that yes, human trafficking is indeed horrible. But far from all prostitutes have been trafficked. Initially her son didn’t believe her and thought she was misinformed.

In a class discussion on rape, Ella’s daughter made the mistake of saying that it is a shame that false accusations exist, since they detract attention from the actual rapes that happen. After class her male teacher pulled her aside and asked where she had gotten those fantasies from.

This is what happens when feminism takes over a whole country.

Video on Abused Men

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

From WTTG Fox television news in Washington DC, April 2nd 1999:

They talk about:

  • The correct statistics of domestic violence.
  • How men cannot get help.
  • How men’s stories are not believed.
  • The problem with VAWA‘s focus on women.
  • How children are affected by intimate partner violence.
  • Negative stereotypes of men.

The latter point is expressed with appropriate sarcasm:

They stay after work, they have sex with their secretaries, they go to the bar with their buddies, they get drunk, they go out and have sex with the waitress, then they come home, beat the wives and have sex with the children.

If this report could be done back in 1999, then it’s high time that modern societies actually start listening to abused men.