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Can a Boy Be Bullied by Girls?

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Check out Tim Pylypiuk’s article in The Good Men Project Magazine:

Whatever your position is in gender debate and equality, you must understand that stories like mine count. You can’t dismiss them. And I don’t care who has it worse or not, dubious statistics included.

I exist and deserve to be heard and supported in equal measure. Casting it all off because of stereotypical notions about girls and women incapable of harm and how it would take away from all those supports that exist out there for females in need lends credence to the isolation men like me don’t deserve to be put through. Life should be about pleasure, not an endurance test everyday where all that matters is survival of the fittest and a tightening of the bootstraps.

Update: Tim has had another article published as well, called Survivor’s Tales: Victims of Abuse, Come Forward. He is now opening the door for everyone to tell their story. If you have a story to tell, please add it to the comment section of the article!

Norwegian Comedian Challenges Myths About Nature Versus Nurture

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

A Norwegian television show by comedian Harald Eia has caused quite a bit of discussion in Scandinavia on nature versus nurture.

Generally, Scandinavia regards social constructionism as far more important than genetics and biology – but the episodes produced by Eia paint a different picture.

All kinds of phenomena are investigated in seven different episodes, with the main theme being that biology is far too important to be ignored, and very often a key determinant in predicting outcomes. Part one is about gender, so obviously that may be the most interesting one  – but all of them are well worth watching.

The good part is that all seven episodes are now available online, with English subtitles. Here are the links:

  1. The Gender Equality Paradox
  2. The Parental Effect
  3. Gay/straight
  4. Violence
  5. Sex
  6. Race
  7. Nature or Nurture

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