Claim Your Manspace

January 5th, 2012 by Pelle Billing

Sam Martin talks about how he built his own manspace, and what other men have created:

What about you men out there? Have you created or even built your own space? As for me I have my own apartment so all of it is my space, but I’m pretty sure I would like a space of my own if I lived with a family.

For those of you who think that manspaces are discriminatory towards women, please know that there is no rule against creating a womanspace. The reason that it appeals more to men is likely that women are usually in charge of decorating the home, and the norm for a cozy home is generally much more feminine than masculine.

3 Responses to “Claim Your Manspace”

  1. T. Rose Says:

    It already exists,it’s called a “man-cave”. Men find rooms in their own homes and call it theirs.

  2. Vladimir Says:

    Well, even if you have your own flat, it still feels good to have a special room just for the special endeavors you take. A study, or a play room. I tend to have a separate working and living areas as to be able better balance my life.

    I used to make a mistake and bring work into my living room, or bed room. This is a major mistake. Stress from working should stay there, and bedroom should feel “safe” to just go inside and pass out the moment you hit the bed. I used to keep my work corner just beside the bed…

    The countless hours of lost sleep were a hard lesson.

    The second mistake was to bring work to living room. Too much distractions to work effectively, and when I tried to relax and watch a movie or something, I would try to do that along side work. Needless to say, it was a mayor failure.

    The psychological boundaries of work, relaxation and pleasure should not be blurred.

  3. Pelle Billing Says:

    Very well put Vladimir. I agree. Personally I don’t have enough space for a separate home office, but at least I’ve learnt never to work in my bedroom.