Tom Martin Sues London School of Economics’ Gender Institute for Teaching Sexism

January 25th, 2012 by Pelle Billing

From Youtube:

Tom Martin began studying an MSc in ‘Gender, Media and Culture’ at The London School of Economics in the 2009/10 term, but withdrew six weeks into the course, filing a £50,000 damages claim against the elite university, for ‘sex discrimination, breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of the Gender Equality Duty Act.’

It’s interesting to see how the gender students don’t actually know much about their own subject.

I’m impressed by Tom Martin’s ability to handle strong criticism and aggression. I hope his case gets even more attention when the court proceedings start.

(Thanks to ConZor for sending this in.)

2 Responses to “Tom Martin Sues London School of Economics’ Gender Institute for Teaching Sexism”

  1. T. Rose Says:

    I’m sorry but I could not help but LMAO unconsolably for 10 min when I heard “There’s no discrimination against men”

    Your assessment of Martin is dead-on though,really kept himself composed there.

    Kudos to that woman towards the end though,this world could really do with more people with that mindset.

  2. Christopher Marshall Says:

    I went to and listened to the interview of Tom. Fascinating.

    They has a female host and a woman opposing him as a guest (I think her name was Helen). Helen talks about how men perpretrate more domestic violence against women that the reverse by a wide margin. Tom counters that 40 years of research has shown men and women to be equally violent towards each other. The host responds that she has a home office report contradicting that but doesn’t allow Tom to respond. Then Helen reasserts her claim that male violence against women is far larger than female violence against men by simply stating Tom’s thesis as “absurd.”

    Does anyone know what home office report the host was referring to?