The Flip Side – Role Reversal in a Bar

February 26th, 2012 by Pelle Billing

Check this out. What happens if the women are men, and the men women, in a bar:

A man slaps a woman, the men reject the women and a man is totally self-centered when a woman talks to him.

The men have to deal with various kinds of unwanted attention from the women, as well as some touching.

All in all a pretty enlightening clip.

4 Responses to “The Flip Side – Role Reversal in a Bar”

  1. Professor Mentu Says:

    I lived that for two nights in Mexico. The girls (no, not hookers) were trying hard to find white American guys, and they were literally more aggressive than most guys are in the States.

    It was nice for a change, but I really can see why women get so pissed off at guys in bars. It must be rough to not be able to take a piss without some d-bag asking you out on your way to the bathroom.

    Fun video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. T. Rose Says:

    Good heavens this is very much like my old High School during period breaks or Lunch off-campus.

    Not exactly a gender-flip considering both sexes are nearly equally culpable to it

  3. aeroster Says:

    I hate it when women wear a dress with the top shaped like their bra.why,afraid people dont know the shape of their breasts?claiming they need protection from outrage of modesty,yet not doing their part to protect or prove their own modesty.totally not right.u see many men wearing tops that reveal their chests?

  4. aeroster Says:

    i’ll leave women’s tendency to reveal waist down as well for another time.many of which are unglamourous but accepted due to lame pretexes of fashion is a luxury only women can enjoy