Ad Portrays Father in Positive Light

September 5th, 2012 by Pelle Billing

All too often men are portrayed in a negative light in the media. This modern day phenomenon is so pervasive that I’ve even run a whole blog series on it, called Misandry in the Media.

Recently, however, I came across an ad that demonstrates the importance of fathers, and the special bond that is the father-son bond. Check it out below:

Kudos to Google for producing an ad that makes you want to buy the product, while also showing boys and men in a positive light.

In the long run, companies choosing this kind of strategy will be more successful. Men and women alike will be more drawn to a product that they associate with positive role models, than a product they associate with clumsy, almost retarded men.

Misandric ads are usually targeted at women, but women have sons, spouses, fathers, etc. More and more men are also waking up to what is going on. This is why the misandric strategy – though perhaps successful for the past couple of decades – will eventually fail.

2 Responses to “Ad Portrays Father in Positive Light”

  1. Danny Says:

    A nice ad indeed. Just a dad using a Google product while spending time with his son.

  2. namae nanka Says:

    early feminism