Pelle Billing is an M.D. who writes about gender issues and men’s issues. His work represents the next step in the gender discourse, where we realize that gender roles have been unavoidable throughout history, since they evolved as an adaptation to the need to survive. It was only with the advent of industrialization that it made sense for men and women to broaden their roles, since machines could now do much of the heavy lifting. Another major insight is that men’s issues are just as important as women’s issues, only different.

Pelle’s core strength is his ability to explain complex gender dynamics and insights in a way which is easy to understand. By marrying these cognitive and pedagogical abilities with a focus on heart and empathy, his goal is to have men and women finally start to understand each others’ life conditions, and become partners in creativity once more. Men and women have always worked side by side in this world. Gender history is a primarily a history of cooperation between the sexes, not a history of conflict.

Pelle also runs a Swedish blog on gender issues, that specifically deals with the Swedish gender discourse.

About the blog

The purpose of this blog is to publish ideas, research and ways of thinking that support a new discourse on gender issues. In order to achieve a new gender discourse we need to realize the following:

  • Men and women have been constricted by their respective gender roles. While feminism has taught us about the limitations of being a woman, men’s authentic experience has yet to be voiced.
  • We need an inclusive gender movement that cares about women and men alike.
  • We need to stop blaming men for structures and gender roles that arose as a functional fit to historical circumstances, and instead get busy with creating healthier, freer and more integrated ways of being.
  • High quality science is a good thing. We are not at liberty to ignore findings about innate sex differences, simply because we also acknowledge and understand what research teaches us about cultural influences on gender roles.

This site welcomes men and women alike. All you need is a willingness to think outside the box, and an interest in exploring the future of gender dynamics.